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GUSCORP’s solutions and services are focused on improving customer business efficiency through the use of Predictive Data And  information technology. Guscorp is one of the 10 largest Data/ IT companies in Africa and continues to increase its expertise level. Today, GUSCORP provides Data  integrated solutions that combine infrastructure systems with business process automation and business applications.

GUSCORP has been operating in the DATA/IT market since 2014 and cooperates with over 40 hardware and software vendors. Thanks to the experience and high proficiency of its team, GUSCORP integrates various information system components and multiple technologies.

GUSCORP also offers custom development services for large or geographically dispersed organizations when existing  products fail to meet customer requirements.

Enterprise business applications help companies gain additional competitive advantages, earn more money, make key business processes more efficient and transparent, and ensure necessary control over performance indicators and management information accuracy.

In addition to the implementation of individual business applications of any complexity, including those used for transportation management, accounting, treasury, etc., Guscorp also implements integrated systems for the automation of various functional modules within a single system. Sophisticated solutions may involve the integration of the best foreign information systems. Furthermore, Guscorp customers benefit from a turn key solution which includes a full range of work and services on the implementation and maintenance of automated information systems along with required technical infrastructure

Manufacturing automation systems allow for real-time control over all production processes, thus uniting the most remote enterprises and branches into a single network, saving electricity and other resources, improving equipment efficiency, and extending service life.

With these solutions, manufacturing companies can dramatically improve their business performance, decision-making, and technological process transparency and orchestration. Manufacturing automation provides benefits in just a few months, thus significantly accelerating return on investment.

GUSCORP offers its customers an entire range of universal DATA/ IT services and industry specific solutions customized for the particular challenges faced by manufacturing companies.

GUSCORP offers a comprehensive range of special-purpose tools for marketing and sales management automation that help businesses develop customer relations, monitor customer loyalty, improve service quality, and introduce new products and services to market.

Implementation of these automated information systems will help achieve both marketing and all-corporate goals, such as better understanding customers and preventing them from switching to competitors, detecting market signals, using them to strengthen company positions, and developing new tools to promote a company and its products. With these IT solutions, top executives can automate and improve business processes associated with marketing, analysis, and strategic planning of sales, and relieve employees from routine tasks related to Big Data collection and analysis, as well as scenario and statistical model creation and practicing.

Big Data opens up new opportunities for developing businesses, strengthening competitive advantages, and improving service and key business processes.

Modern companies store and process huge arrays of heterogeneous information such as bills, transactions, Internet traffic, call records, social network posts, emails, equipment logs, sensor readings, and much more. Special-purpose Big Data systems can help businesses benefit from such data.

These solutions ensure highly accurate real-time analysis of bulk unstructured data, including text, video, and audio. The analytical engine of Big Data systems reveals unobvious patterns which can be used to forecast demand fluctuations and identify factors affecting the market, customer behavior, and purchase decisions.

Our Projects

Innovative Tech Solution Projects

Automated Electricity Billing System

Create an automated electricity billing system for energy consumption facilities of the oil pipeline.

Automated Emission Monitoring System

Minimize environmental damage caused by exploration and avoid excess emissions penalties.

Automatic Accident-Prevention System

Ensure failure-free oil transportation via end-to-end automatic protection of the oil pipeline under control.

Data Collection and Equipment Running Time Calculation

System that accounts for technological equipment running time in order to adopt a new service maintenance concept.

Client Churn Forecasting System

Use information about clients’ social relationships for client churn forecasting.

Data management system

For Collecting and Processing Information within the State Information System for Compulsory Health Insurance