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Guscorp’s Internet of Things based solutions provide vast opportunities for doing business more effectively, developing innovative services, and managing sophisticated hardware and software infrastructure.

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are based on transducers and sensors, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, telematics devices for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, cloud technology for data storing and processing, etc. Industry analysts forecast that up to 50 billion Internet-connected devices will be in use worldwide by 2020. Today, smart sensors are integrated into engineering systems and equipment at manufacturing, energy, and oil and gas enterprises to aggregate information, remotely control engineering systems, and identify root causes of failures resulting from engineering network damage.

Guscorp offers smart solutions to store and process large amounts of information coming from IoT devices. IoT can employ high-speed cloud storage, special-purpose unstructured data processing systems, and other solutions designed to optimize storage costs.

IoT solutions by Guscorp


IoT in various sectors

Energy generation and distribution
Oil and gas
Machine building
Retail, shopping centers


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GUSCORP’s solutions in more detail

Guscorp offers IoT-based solutions powered by Intel and General Electric. If necessary, smart systems can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructures and built into already running processes. Dedicated information security solutions protect systems against cyber attacks, data interception, theft, and other specific threats.

IoT for manufacturing

IoT solutions for manufacturing ensure effective interaction between cyber physical systems used for modern machine building and hi-tech assembling. These technologies are used in production process control systems for continuous monitoring and online diagnostics of industrial equipment, especially high-load equipment, such as pumps, conveyors, compressors, generators, etc.

Smart Metering

Multi-tiered smart energy metering systems ensure much more reliable and accurate energy measurement and better control over energy supply, transportation, and consumption. An integrated solution comprises next-generation meters; upper-level systems for collection, processing, and analysis of information received from any number of metering points; advanced networks that transmit large amounts of information both from supplier to user, and vice versa.

Video analytics

Smart video cameras process video flows and detect critical events. Retailers use these devices to analyze customer and personnel behavior on the shop floor, analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and optimize cash desk operation. Moreover, integration with access control and management system enables employee face recognition, automatic calculation of staff onsite presence time, and unauthorized access prevention.

Wi-Fi analytics

A special-purpose platform uses signals from smartphone Wi-Fi modules to monitor behavior of shoppers and determine: How many of the people passing by enter a mall or any particular store? How much time do they spend there? What percentage of visitors are regular customers? What other places do they visit? As a result, store owners can adjust their marketing campaigns and make customized offers.

IoT Security

Software and hardware suite prevents cybercriminals from taking control over distributed IoT systems, protects endpoints (actuators, sensors, servo drives) against unauthorized software changes, and blocks sending and receiving of commands which aim to bypass a control system. Cryptographic protection of communication channels prevents interference with data transmission between terminal devices and a control system, while control system protection tools ensure unauthorized device detection, monitoring, centralized management and upgrading of terminal devices.

Smart City

IoT is used in cities to control public utility infrastructures and prevent emergencies and socially dangerous acts. Video surveillance systems automatically alert to suspicious objects and unauthorized access attempts, while solutions for automatic data exchange in real time between vehicles and road infrastructure allow drivers to receive and transmit information about high-risk maneuvers, difficult weather conditions, traffic accidents, and so on . All information is then transferred to an emergency control center that coordinates fast-response services.

Warehouse and archive management

Solutions based on RFID tags combined with portable readers streamline asset acceptance, stocktaking and accounting in warehouses. With these solutions, employees no longer need to fill out documents manually, and items are automatically recorded in a tracking system, which can quickly locate any item when requested. The same approach is used in hardcopy archiving. Integration with e-document management system ensures maximum automation of document handling from receipt and registration to archiving.

Human health monitoring

Special-purpose portable and fixed devices help people monitor their physical and emotional state to reach maximum efficiency in their work and everyday life. Companies minimize the risk of employee burnout, effectively reduce tension, and retain staff, while manufacturing enterprises integrate express medical diagnostic terminals with HR and access control and management systems to check operators of complicated and dangerous machinery before shifts.