Data-Driven Services,Predictive Data Analysis,Behavioral Science,Innovative Tech Solutions

We combine predictive data analytics, behavioral sciences, and innovative tech Solutions into one award-winning approach.

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Welcome to Guscorp! Data Drives All We Do

We measurably improve your brand’s/ Companies effectiveness by influencing consumer And Machine behaviors Thus improving productivity through a unique approach that blends predictive analytics, behavioral sciences, and data-driven Innovative tech.

Churning Modeling

Predict Which Of Your Customers Will churn and Reasons For churning.

Direct Marketing

Predict Response to Campaign and increase the conversion rate of your campaign

Predictive Maintenance

Predict Machine failures to schedule maintenance preemptively

Market Basket Analysis

Find Product Frequently purchased and turn them into rule for recommendation

Outliners Detection

Detect Anomalies resulting from chemical analysis of products.

Medical Fraud Detection

Detect Fraud In Medical information based on information of patients

Data-driven Marketing / Advertising

Our industry-leading data services help you better understand your audiences. Combining the precision of data analytics with the insights of behavioral psychology and the best of individually addressable advertising technology.

Market research

We combine behavioral psychology with a statistically robust research methodology to provide the fullest picture of consumer behavior, competition, and trends.

Data integration

We develop a rich, holistic view of your customers' behavior by centralizing your first party data and enriching it with data from third party sources.

Audience segmentation

We use predictive analytics to profile customer universes on traits implicitly captured in behavioral data, or explicitly probed with quantitative research.

Targeted advertising

We promote your products and services to reach your best customers in the way to which they are most likely to respond.